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To be a Hunchback has many disadvantages…

To be a Hunchback has many disadvantages… Ouimm?!

BAM! Auuurr...
BAM! Auuurr...

BAM! Auuurr...
BAM! Auuurr...

What a nice day... Today, it will not rain! Ops...
What a nice day... Today, it will not rain!

Ops... Maamaaa...
Ops... Maamaaa...

To be a Hunchback has many disadvantages… Roonncc... Roonncc...
To snore reduces the Oxygen in the blood and in the brain while you sleep!

To snore reduces your mental capabilities!

To snore is the fastest way to be old!

Hellooo? What are you waiting for?! Stop being a HUNCHBACK!!

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